Blog Curation

Dear friends, blessings to you all,

This website and its contents are a product of the entire Homa Therapy International Community. I would like to encourage everyone who would like to add a post to do so. Simply submit your post including any images and I will submit it for approval on your behalf to the senior members of our community. This generally only takes 24 hours. This is a community resource the purpose of which is to provide a comprehensive and accurate source of all the information about Agnihotra and Homa Therapy in one place.

Robert-Bagnall-fb14My sincere thanks goes out to the New Earth Project for extending this platform to us as they share the desire to introduce this Ancient Planetary Healing knowledge to their community and the world at large. The New Earth Project is aligned in every respect with our mission to Heal the Planet and restore natural law and order to our planet and the bio-sphere in which we have our lives and upon which the lives of future generations depend.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti